Albania Miri

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Miri’s Story

Believing in Jesus most likely saved my life, because if I hadn’t trusted in Him, I would have probably joined ISIS.

Miri lives in Albania and goes to one of the churches run by our partner ministry. Miri turned away from the church for a while, and when he returned he said that believing in Jesus had most likely saved his life.

Miri’s parents are faithful to their Islamic heritage and their family tradition takes them to one of the Islamic holy sites once a year. Miri recently told his parents that he couldn’t go with them because he believed in the true God, who couldn’t be confined to a holy site. “God is everywhere” he said. Although his parents accepted Miri’s decision, his father was adamant that they are Islamic and need to continue believing what they always have.

A little after, Miri’s mother fell ill with acute abdominal pains. Miri offered to pray for her and when he did, her pain stopped immediately. He also prayed for his father when he was hospitalised by a stroke. When his father returned home, he told friends that the only reason he survived and was improving was because of Jesus.

Miri’s faith is growing stronger as he sees more of what God can do, and his faith is spreading among his family. Miri is a great example of why the ministry in Albania is so important in sharing God’s love to those who are lost. Please pray for the continued work of this ministry and for Miri and his parents.