June 2019

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Kanal Hayat TV

In 2019, our partners, Kanal Hayat (translated as Life Channel), have continued to take their Christian satellite TV channel from strength to strength.

Broadcasting into Central & West Asia, into areas such as Turkey where 97% of the population is Islamic, their impact is great:

  • More than 33,000 contacts
  • 25% are first time contacts
  • Many coming to faith
  • More than 800,000 social media views in the first 18 months of launching social media channels.

Latest News

Harnessing the power of digital media, Kanal Hayat have also produced a series of six worship/music videos with a Turkish refugee centre. The videos are being broadcast widely into predominantly muslim nations and contain powerful testimonies of many people declaring their love for Jesus! One of the songs was written by David Goodman, an American missionary murdered in Turkey in 1979. One of Kanal Hayat’s main goals moving into 2019 is to employ more staff who carry specific skill- sets to further expand the reach of these gospel-centred resources - God willing, that will happen soon!

Kanal Hayat Life Channel

News From The Middle East

“I’m a believer but my husband is not. I have to be secretive. I do not have permission to go to church. I can only watch the channel online sometimes. Can you help me meet believers?”

April 18th 2019 marked the twelfth anniversary of the brutal murder of three Christian mission workers in Malatya, Turkey. The day was marked with a testimony from Miriam, the daughter of one of the martyrs. Miriam’s testimony was released on Umut Kalesi, Kanal Hayat’s social media channel, in collaboration with a local radio station. Miriam shared her story about the day her father died including an inspiring proclamation of victory over death and eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Miriam’s testimony highlighted not only the freedom of forgiveness but also a confidence in God’s redeeming ‘hope from the ashes’. It is this gospel hope that is also so evident in Kanal Hayat’s recent production of a series of worship films. What is particularly moving about one of the six films is that it was based on a song written by David Goodman in the late seventies who was also murdered in Turkey for his faith in Christ. Miriam puts this gospel hope like this:

"In these days of injustice there is something we tend to forget. Even though the 18th of April 2007 was a sorrowful day on Earth, in heaven it was a celebration in the presence of the Lord. It was the day brother Uğur, brother Necati and my father had run the race to the finish line and won victoriously. It is the day they came home as God’s loved children - the day they saw the face of the Father and the Who crowned them with the crown of victory." "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" (Phil. 1:21).

*Names anononymised for security

Please continue to pray for our partners in the Middle East