December 2021

Building hope in India

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Meet Jeevan; he is 12 years old, loves to play cricket and dreams of one day becoming a policeman. A dream which once looked impossible, as he lives in one of the poorest areas of Bangalore, India. An area where families face a life of exploitation and danger, as they are forced to work in dangerous rock-cutting quarries in order to earn an income, joining the 880 million people in India who live on less than £1.50 a day. With families barely having enough income to survive, children often end up dropping out of school and live in poor conditions.

Praise God that this reality is changing for children like Jeeven, through the ministry of Bangalore City Mission (BCM). A ministry which works to strengthen and empower people from the quarrying communities in Bangalore, equipping them with the tools to build healthier, longer and more hope-filled futures.

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BCM Boys at school

For Jeevan, and many other children like him, this means being given the opportunity to receive a free, high quality education through the school and child sponsorship programme BCM has set up in his community. Each day children are also picked up and dropped off by the BCM school bus, giving them a safe way to reach school which they would not usually be able to access, provided with a healthy midday meal and given all the school supplies they need to learn.

This is made possible through the generosity of supporters in the UK and beyond, who have stepped out in faith to sponsor and pray for vulnerable children all over the world, through the WorldShare ChildAid programme.

“Pray that I can go back to school in person and see my friends again.” - Jeevan

Today, join Jeevan in his prayer to soon be reunited with his friends properly as schools have been closed on and off in India over the last year due to the impact of Covid-19.


Through WorldShare’s sponsorship programme, ChildAid, sponsors are linked up with children being supported by ministries across the world, including Christian schools and orphanages. Children are taught to read, fed nourishing meals, provided with clothing, tuition, uniforms and school supplies, and given the opportunity to hear about Jesus. Sponsorship is available to children on the basis of need, regardless of age, faith, gender or ability.

By purchasing this gift, you will be providing one year of sponsorship for a child like Jeevan in Bangalore, India. ChildAid sponsors meet the physical and spiritual needs of children, helping them to achieve their God-given potential.

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