December 2021

"We have become Covid warriors!"

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JKPS Covid-19 FG Story

The challenges which Covid-19 has brought, and continues to bring, to the communities our ministry partners serve has been tremendous. Many jobs have been lost leaving families unable to afford food, school closures have led to years of educational progress being set back, and grief has been felt as family and staff members lost their lives to the virus. All pushing communities even deeper into poverty.

In the midst of this, our ministry partners have continued to faithfully serve their local communities, providing vital relief and support.

“We have become Covid warriors!”

After battling the pandemic in 2020, losing dear members of staff and loved ones, the JKPS and Mahima Homes' teams in Kolkata, India, began the new year full of hope as cases of Covid-19 finally began to decline. A hope shattered by the devastating second wave of the virus which spread through the country in May 2021.

With the grief, sorrow and economic burden of the first wave having barely subsided, the staff wasted no time preparing themselves to once again help those suffering. For Mahima Homes caregiver, Papia Mondal, this meant helping to provide a safe space to quarantine, and 24/7 care, for the young girls she helps serve who tested Covid-19 positive. Young girls who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry and provided with the support they need to learn new skills, heal from trauma, find community and hear the Gospel through the Mahima Homes network.

Mahima Homes

Papia shares: “I was anxious when I was told to take care of the girls who had tested positive. I feared contracting the virus and affecting my family.”

Papia, with the support of her team, overcame these fears and together they provided food, medication and activities for the young girls.

“I am happy for the tremendous support from staff and I was empowered to do my work… as the girls have now recovered, I get the feeling of having won a war; we have become Covid warriors!”

Across the Mahima Homes and JKPS network, teams have selflessly helped the community to battle the virus, shining the love of Jesus every step of the way. Food, vaccinations and PPE have been distributed and ministry activities have continued online.

India’s battle with Covid-19 is not yet over, but today you can help protect young girls, and caregivers just like Papia, by providing the gift of hand soap, sanitiser and a mask.

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