September 2021

Haiti Earthquake Response

On the 14th August the western peninsula of Haiti was struck by a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake, destroying 55,000 homes and damaging a further 77,000. Over 2,200 people have died and many thousands more have been left injured. The need in the impacted areas is huge, but praise God that through the generosity of WorldShare supporters, our partners on the ground in Haiti have been able to respond rapidly.

Pifo Haiti - Earthquake response

Our regular ministry partner, PiFò Haiti, is situated away from the epicentre on the Haitian island of La Gonâve, so has limitations on the levels of immediate assistance they can provide. Many people from the community have, however, been hard at work helping a local organisation on the island to distribute over 249,000 litres of clean water from the island to the affected areas. They have been filling water containers and loading them onto ships and boats (pictured right). 

We are also working with other local Christian organisations on the mainland, whom we have partnered with previously, to bring emergency relief to those most in need. 

A local response

Within hours of the earthquake, local ministry teams sprang into action travelling through the impacted areas, visiting church and community leaders to assess the situation.

Haiti earthquake relief

Teams on the ground then channelled all their resources to begin providing immediate help to 3,600 of the neediest families identified with the help of local pastors. Vital supplies such as hygiene kits, food packages and shelter have now reached many of those left homeless, grieving or injured (pictured right).

Such a rapid and effective response has been enabled by the local links our partners on the ground have developed, over many years, in the impacted areas.

Planning for the long term

As well providing emergency relief, our partners in Haiti are also looking to the future, and how they can help repair the thousands of homes which have been destroyed or damaged. Below are just some examples of the devastating damage caused by the earthquake.

Haiti earthquake relief
Le Manguier Hotel
Haiti earthquake relief
Local ministry team meeting in front of their old church building
Haiti earthquake relief
Local catholic church

Finally, we praise God for the wonderful ways in local people have stepped forward to lead relief efforts. PiFò Haiti shares:

We have been AMAZED at how many Haitians and Haitian led organisations have stepped in to help their fellow neighbours. 

Thank you to everyone that has so generously given, enabling many people to receive vital relief. If you have not yet had the chance to give, there is still time, follow this link to give a gift today. 

Please continue to pray for all those who have been impacted in Haiti. As well as the physical loss, for many people it has brought back the trauma of the 2010 earthquake where over 200,000 lives were lost.