June 2021

The impact of your amazing support - India Covid-19 emergency relief

Last month, a devastating second wave of Covid-19 began to sweep through India and many of its neighbouring countries. The outpouring of generosity from WorldShare supporters in response to this crisis, not only blew us away, but enabled our ministry partners to provide vital emergency relief to those most in need in their communities.

Together you helped raise more than £64,000 – thank you!

JKPS Covid-19 2021 relief

With lockdown now in place in the West Bengal region of India, those who rely on daily wages have been left with few supplies and are living hand to mouth, struggling to provide a square meal for their family each day. In response, ministry partner, JKPS has been providing dry ration kits to those living in the heart of the Tollygunge slums in Kolkata, and the Jagacha community in the neighbouring city of Howrah.

Further crisis

Cyclone Yaas

Alongside Covid-19, those living in the coastal regions of West Bengal, have been facing the impact of an additional crisis - Cyclone Yaas. Barely having recovered from the effects of last year’s Cyclone Amphan, they have once again been hit with further destruction. Broken river embankments and thousands of homes were swept away by the floodwater forcing villagers to leave everything and move to higher ground for shelter.

Though the floodwaters have receded, salt water from the sea has destroyed thousands of acres of agricultural land. JKPS, with your support, has come alongside those suffering to provide food rations and tarpaulins to families who have lost their homes.

Beyond West Bengal

Our ministry partner in the southern region of the country, has also been faithfully reaching out to their local community. They continue to provide food kits, medical assistance, vaccine registration support, and prayer and counselling for the many left grieving or traumatised.

We praise God that the situation in India is improving, but continue to remember the sombre words of JKPS ministry leader, Finney, from last year’s first wave of the pandemic: “In India, more people are going to die from starvation than from the virus”, and pray for all those continuing to struggle to survive.

In our upcoming July issue of Window Magazine we will be sharing further updates from our ministry partners in India, and neighbouring country Nepal, as they continue to respond to those in need around them.

Thank you for faithfully standing with them through all of this.