April 2021

An expanded food programme at long last!

The families know we care for more than the academic education of the children, we care about their health and the quality of their learning. If they do not eat, they don’t learn. All the teachers are so excited to be working at a school that can offer this life-changing programme.

This life-changing programme, which school directress Maccia Fedon describes above, is for the PiFò Haiti team, an answer to almost ten years of prayer, and one that means no student or staff member will go hungry. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, in March, PiFò Haiti was able to extend its food programme, at long last, to cover all their schools.

The new PiFò Haiti children's food program.

The programme includes all sorts of activities from meals, to learning where food comes from. The Jarden Fleuri (Garden Flower) school has weekly life skills classes that now include preparing and cooking food. They share how wonderful it is to see all the beautiful colours of the fresh fruit and vegetables they are able to use for their meals (pictured right - learning how to make a garden salad).

A key part of the programme is providing students and staff members with nutritious meals. Mountain school director, Pastor Cenet, shares how important this is for students:

“We have a garden program at the school, but we are not able to grow enough food to feed all the students. Now that we have money each month to buy rice, beans, oil and charcoal we can add our own fresh produce and feed each student and teacher a nutritious meal…The teachers said they look forward to their students having better attendance and staying awake in class because they aren’t hungry when they come to class.”

Serving the whole community

PiFo haiti - Pastor Cenet

“The needs in our area are great because we are far from the city and its markets. It is a blessing for us to grow our own food and help out in our community. Many parents have told me they are so happy because they could not feed their children but when they come home from school they are happy and have energy. God is so good to us!” shares Pastor Cenet (pictured left with his school’s kitchen garden)

The programme comes at a time when food scarcity is more of a challenge than ever before. The community which PiFò Haiti serves is located on the island of La Gonâve, meaning many supplies come from the mainland which is 25km away. This combined with COVID-19 and the continued political instability in Haiti has made obtaining staples like rice, beans and oil both difficult and expensive.

Over the last year, with your support, the local team has not only been able to serve students, but also to respond to the wider community needs and deliver food parcels to families and elderly people in the poorest areas.

A final prayer

The PiFò Haiti team continue to press on in prayer with the hope to extend the programme even further: “We are very grateful that all three schools supported by PiFò Haiti now have food programmes two to three days a week. Our prayer is that we will be able to offer meals five days a week during the school year, but today we are grateful to be able to offer hope to the students, the teachers and the families that we have the privilege to work with.”

We are so thankful for all the people that hear our stories and answer our prayers. I can’t believe how many people from different countries care about us. God brings us together no matter where we live".

PiFò Haiti teacher

Thank you to everyone that faithfully supports PiFò Haiti. Find out about more areas of their ministry here.