May 2019

Anna’s story: Mother’s Garden, Moldova

beginning of life

Beginning of Life’s Early Learning Centre works with vulnerable mothers in Moldova and their children to provide holistic support. Mother’s Garden is their support program for these mothers, to help them to grow spiritually and build their self-worth.

The ministry team have seen many mothers improve the way they relate to their children, showing more love and attention towards them. In addition to this, they provide a feeling of family and a safe place they can continue to come to.

Anna is one of the mothers who has been supported by Beginning of Life. When she found herself wrongly at risk of imprisonment, with two children and a third on the way, the Early Learning Centre brought her hope and vital support. Read her story below.

"At 20, I got married and gave birth to 2 children. When we moved, I found out that I was pregnant with a 3rd child, which was good news. But then came the bad news. I was contacted by a bank office and found out that my brother hadn’t paid back a very large amount of money he owed to the bank. And in the contract he put my name as a guarantor. In addition, I had to give back more than my brother borrowed, due to overdue time and all the additional fees, which hadn’t been paid. I was in shock.

My brother left the country, running away and leaving all the troubles on my shoulders. I was ruined and very scared. I had no idea what to do next. We used all the possible ways to contact my brother, to force him to return and solve the problem, but he was out of reach. He just disappeared. In this situation, to have three children and continue to rent an apartment, together with the debt, became a big problem.

The only solution was to find a job out of the country, to be able to support the family and slowly pay back the debt. Otherwise, I was at risk of being sent to jail. So my husband went to France for work, but I remained at home waiting for a child and taking care of our little children. It was so challenging for me and the first few months almost seemed like I needed to survive, fighting every day for life and the future of my children and for my own freedom.

beginning of life

"Jumping to the present moment, I gave birth 3 months ago. Together with my children, we are active and passionate students in Mother’s Garden at Beginning Of Life’s Early Learning Centre. I feel that my family is so blessed to have this opportunity to come to the classes. It helps me overcome difficulties and empowers me in my daily struggles.

We attend classes every week. I try to be a very responsible and disciplined mother. Mother’s Garden has become an escape for my family. My stresses, anger and despair were spreading to my children, but here we found a shelter, where I can save my family. I meet many other mothers who have even harder situations in life but learn to move on with hope and confidence.

My kids became more calm and open to me and other people, we learned to do that together. Despite doing my best to save money, it was still not enough. So many times I can’t afford even very basic things we need, sometimes we go to bed hungry. That is why I am so thankful to the Beginning of Life team, for all the support they offer to my family. Without that, it is hard to imagine what would happen to us.

My husband is so tired and often threatens me, that he will leave us to have a normal life, and not to clean my brother’s mess. How things will go on, I don’t know. Soon we will be kicked out of the apartment when the owner returns back home. But I am thankful to God for what we have today.

Through their Mother’s Garden programme at the Early Learning Centre, Beginning of Life are doing their best to support and keep this family together. Anna and her children receive a monthly food and hygiene package as well as other essentials. She has really learned how to overcome emotional difficulties and she has built a healthy character to be an example for her children. Anna is curious about her life and her spiritual growth and through the work of this ministry, she is learning about God and exploring her faith.