May 2019

Changing the Future for Guatemala’s Youth

potters house business school

Since 2018, the work of Potter’s House in their ministry expansion in Chiquimula has already made huge impacts and is transforming lives. One of their programmes is the Business School, which trains the youth in Chiquimula to develop entrepreneurial skills so that they can start small businesses and become self-sufficient. The long-term aim is to help pull these communities out of the cycle of poverty.

Jose Perez is a graduate of the business school, and this opportunity has already given him hope of a better future for him and his family.

Jose is 24 and lives with his father and six brothers in Altamira, one of the Chiquimula communities. Jose had to drop out of school at 13 due to financial struggles in his family and he later lost his mother.

I work as a mason’s helper and part-time farmer, growing corn, peanuts or beans. As a mason’s helper, I make around $8 per day and, as a farmer, I make around $5. Unfortunately, I do not work every day of the month, sometimes only three or four days per week. What I do make is not enough to help my father and siblings.
potters house
potters house

Jose joined Potter’s House Business School in 2018, and he was a dedicated student, showing great interest in learning, which earned him special recognition for his hard work.

I have always dreamed of having my own business one day, I just hadn’t figured out how. But now, with what I have learned at the Business School, I know what I really want and how I can achieve it.
I was scared with the practical exercises I had to make and we had to cook food to sell. At first, I did not want to try doing it, so I convinced one of my sisters to help me and I promised to pay her back. She did and at the end, it was a win-win for us. That was a great lesson for both of us. What I liked learning most was setting fixed and variable expenses and how to buy to resell.
I also learned a lot about the Bible. The story that impacted me most was Joseph’s and how God helped him to be a good steward in times of crisis.

Jose’s aim now is to apply what he has learned at the Business School to sell clothes. Please pray for God’s blessing on Jose as he develops his business in an aim to support himself and his family.

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