January 2021


Brazil’s largest state, Amazonas, has been severely impacted by the second wave of COVID-19. Cases are rapidly rising, there is a shortage of oxygen tanks and the healthcare system is collapsing.

Families of patients have been forced to begin selling their cars, fridges and televisions in a desperate bid to buy oxygen for their loved ones, and have been queuing for hours to refill tanks.

We need your help today to stand with them and provide vital oxygen tanks to those that are dying.

Oxygen tanks Brazil appeal

Our local ministry partner in Brazil, EMAF, is responding to this need aiming to deliver 100 oxygen tanks to some of the most isolated areas of Amazonas, which are primarily accessed by boat.

How can I help?

So far EMAF have raised enough to buy 10 oxygen tanks. Our aim is to match this. We currently have the funds for five but we need your help to raise £1,150 for five more. Each oxygen tank costs £230.

Every gift, whether large or small, will make a huge difference and help save lives. Please consider giving, praying or passing this urgent appeal onto a friend today.

We will be posting updates on social media as the situation progresses so do follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

EMAF is well set up to reach those who are isolated as they run much of their ministry by boat, for example, providing floating medical clinics. They have found a reliable company that will transport oxygen tanks, medical supplies and PPE to the area. Find out more about EMAF’s work here. 

Thank you for standing with EMAF and Brazil as they fight to save lives.