May 2019

Cyclone Idai - One Month On

Cyclone Idai

It’s now been one month since Cyclone Idai swept through Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique, leaving behind a wake of destruction and devastation. The damage is catastrophic – 1.8 million people have been affected, over 1000 are reportedly dead and hundreds are still missing.

The generous donations of WorldShare supporters have meant that our ministry partner, Hope for Africa Missions (HFAM) have been able to work with communities on the ground to bring restoration and healing for those affected.

During HFAM’s initial visits, it was clear that shelter was one of the highest needs. People have been left homeless and their only shelter is in crowded school corridors or classrooms with a high risk of disease outbreak. The HFAM team, therefore, focused on providing tents and mattresses for affected families to relocate to.

idai m1
idai m4

The team also took some time to share the word of God through church services. The affected families need the assurance of God’s love in their lives, some of them have love ones still missing. The provision of relief aid gave the opportunity to minister to their spiritual needs and many gave their lives to Christ. HFAM plan to revisit these communities soon to offer them further spiritual support and counselling.

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We are humbled by the difference the donations have made in the families' lives and we thank God for His provision. Seeing the magnitude of the disaster in many communities, it is our daily prayer that God will open a door for more resources so that we may reach more needy families.  We are grateful for all the support, financially and prayerfully.

Hendrick Mahlangu, Ministry Leader