March 2019

Floods Appeal Update


As a trio of water-logged nations, Kerala, Laos & Myanmar continue the arduous process of recovery and rebuilding following the devastating flooding of 2018. Through the turmoil of families displaced and loved ones bereaved, it has been a very difficult reality for them but one alleviated, in part, by the presence of our ministry partners in the worst-affected areas. Thank
you so much to everyone who has supported thus far in helping to make this happen. As the months and seasons pass, it’s important to keep these people in mind as the longterm journey of rebuilding and recovery continues to unfold before them.


accommodation has played a huge part in restoring daily hope to the affected regions of Kerala, Laos and Myanmar. There is much more work to be done but the value of the faithful presence of our partners & colleagues in these areas is impossible to overstate. As you’ll hear from Tom’s story overleaf, there have been sparks of hope within the mess. For example, news about the construction company of the SK Dam in Laos who are committing to help with the rebuilding of lost homes, is particularly encouraging. In Ephesians 2:12, Paul paints a distressing image in our minds - of those living in the world but who are without hope. The people of Laos, Kerala and Myanmar have been on the brink of this hopelessness in recent months. Yes, they have practical needs such as mosquito repellant, soap and fresh water, bed-sheets and footwear, but the most pressing need is for their restored sense of hope and
dignity for the future.


Loving God of all comfort, we thank you for the people of Kerala, Laos and Myanmar and we ask that you would provide both practical and spiritual encouragement for them at this time. For families who have lost homes and loved ones, we pray that you would bring a ministry of comfort through your people to bring fresh hope within their pain. In Jesus' name, amen.