December 2020

Good News from Kanal Hayat

Kanal Kayat

Late last year we asked you to support an emerging project for Kanal Hayat’s broadcasting ministry, that of helping them to hire a social media manager. They had a need to reach out to more people in Turkey and the surrounding countries through the use of the Christian broadcasting of Kanal Hayat. However, there was an especially greater need to do so through social media.

Despite the challenges, 2020 has been an amazing year for the ministry of Kanal Hayat and the team had this to share with us:

In the ministry we are experiencing a unique openness towards the Gospel shared through Kanal Hayat, as people increasingly search for hope and life in a world so full of fear, sickness, and darkness. We see this in the unbelievable results. Last month (November), our combined follow up teams in Kanal Hayat, reached an all-time high of almost 30,000 connects in just one month!

To put that in perspective, that’s about 40 connections every hour! While the work is divided by a team, that sort of result still requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Please pray that the Lord will sustain the team, especially in the light of ongoing health challenges.

Not a single person in our team has not suffered some sort of physical condition in 2020. It has been truly a year of sickness and trials with Covid-19, cancer, strokes, tumours, stress, fatigue, persecution, terror threats – just to mention a few of the challenges.

Just before Christmas, we received the news that Martin Tangstad, the CEO of Kanal Hayat, tested positive for COVID- 19. Martin had to self-isolate, and like many of us know, that can be a challenge. Please pray that he will recover quickly.

A question that is often asked is how Covid-19 has impacted productions on Kanal Hayat? With up to 125 million potential viewers via satellite TV, and a global audience through social media, pausing production for a year was never an option. Instead, our efforts went into being creative, flexible, and efficient whenever a window of opportunity for production opened up. Until now our team has managed to keep our production year 2020 up to pace despite COVID-19 and the many challenges caused. They have even managed to create a few new programs, once of them being the Kanal Hayat COVID-19 specials.

During this pandemic, the "COVID-19 specials'' have been hosted by local pastors and their wives. This has been an exciting opportunity for them to be able to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the family and discuss matters such as the role of husband and wife, faith, managing curfews, and online schooling. They report that the root of these discussions is faith, and how the Gospel helps them in these new challenges and situations. Please pray for the impact of this work.

Kanal Hayat shared with us some testimonies about the impact of the broadcasts on individual lives: -

Kanal Hayat viewers from Germany asked us to contact B living in Izmit, Turkey. B, has met the Lord in a dream, and therefore acquired a New Testament. After reading it he became a believer and wanted to meet others for guidance and fellowship. He is now in an online Bible study until we can meet face to face.
I can’t speak with you on the phone. I am so sorry, but those around me are radical. Now is not so convenient for me. I’d prefer to speak on WhatsApp instead.
Your channel got me asking a lot of questions. I found myself questioning faith issues like never before. Now, after studying all sorts of religious subjects, I have believed in Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for the work of the ministry and that God would allow them to reach more people and transform more lives in 2021.