March 2019

Changing Lives in Guatemala

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The generous dontaions of WorldShare supporters has helped Potter’s House to continue serving those living alongside the rubbish dump in Guatemala City. Also, based out of their three community centres in rural Chiquimula, their ministry is developing communities to  become self-sufficient through education, medical treatment, family development and microenterprise loans. Alongside this, everyone they work with has the opportunity to hear the Gospel and to be introduced to Jesus.


By expanding into the Guatemalan city of Chiquimula. Potter’s House are reaching more & more communities; in the second year of operation the work continues to grow. Chiquimula is another poverty-stricken part of the country where communities are living beside and scavenging on their local rubbish dump. But, with financial and prayer support, they have been able to reach more than 33,000 people.

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Loving Father God, we thank you for the people of Guatemala. We pray now for the wonderful work of Potter’s House Academy (PHA) as they reach impoverished people with the good news of Jesus, with medical and nutritional supplies. We pray that the community centres would go from strength to strength and that many more people would be comforted and helped
into education and fruitful employment. In Jesus' name, amen.

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Alison Ajubish is 10 years-old and she lives with her mother Marleny and two brothers in San Juan community. Marleny is a single mother. She works as a domestic help in people’s homes, which means it is difficult for her to have a steady income and support her children.

During the time that Alison has been part of the Education Program in the community centre, her growth has been tracked. This has allowed her to stay healthy and this is demonstrated by her normal nutritional status, which is correct for her age and height. A few months ago, Alison suffered from abdominal pains that resembled the symptoms of acute appendicitis. Despite an incorrect diagnosis from a public hospital, Alison’s case was reassessed within the community centre and a correct diagnosis and treatment was followed up avoiding a more serous chronic health problem.

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Jose Perez is 24 years-old and he lives with his father and six brothers in Altamira community in Chiquimula. He was only able to finish 7th grade and dropped out of school because his family was going through financial struggles and he was not interested in school. Also his mother sadly passed away in 2018.

Jose joined PHA’s Business School in 2018, he was a regular student and showed great interest in learning, which earned him a special recognition for his hard work. Jose was very scared with the practical exercises he had to do as part of the course but has gone on to excel greatly in his learning.

“I dreamt of having my own business one day. Now, with what I have learnt at the Business School, I know what I really want”