February 2019

Making healthcare available in DR Congo

HEAL A cut

Our partner ministry HEAL Africa provide a wide range of healthcare and treatment to communities in Goma and surrounding areas in DR Congo. Poverty and violence are ever-present in this area and many people are in need of healthcare, but cannot afford it.

WorldShare supports HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund project which covers the cost of care for those who are unable to pay for vital treatment. Not only are the patients given medical treatment, they are also offered social, psychological and spiritual support during their care.

Anita, Gaston and Roger have all been able to get vital medical treatment thanks to the Mercy Fund. Read their stories below.



Anita is 35 years old, she has 3 children and they live in Isiro. She was shot in the leg when she fell into an ambush set by the LRA rebels. Local doctors in Isiro amputated her leg and when complications occured, she was advised to go to HEAL Africa for specialist care. Her family collected as much money as they could for her transport to Goma and her treatment. But it was not enough.

HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund covered the difference and Anita was able to be treated.

“I am not able to pay back what HEAL Africa has done for me. All I know is that God never forgets any charitable action to his children. Let Him bless HEAL Africa and all its partners for the help they bring to penniless people of DRC.” 



Gaston is 38 years old. When driving his motorcycle, he collided with a car and was left with 3 broken ribs and injured hands. Gaston said: “I think I fainted because I do not know how I arrived at HEAL Africa hospital. Every time I look at photos of the accident, I realize how great God is. It is a miracle that I am still alive.”

Gaston is a soldier, with a poor salary and was unable to pay for his treatment at HEAL Africa. The Mercy Fund allowed Gaston to get the care he needed and he is now recovering well. “May God bless HEAL Africa and its partners for this assistance I have received. It has saved my life.”



Roger is a 53 year old widower, working as a cook. His low income leaves him struggling to provide food or pay for education for his three children.

Roger stumbled over a stone and fell when he was carrying some charcoal to his workplace and he broke his left arm. He attended HEAL Africa for treatment, which he was able to pay some money towards but he didn’t have enough. The Mercy Fund covered the rest of the costs, meaning Roger was able to get proper treatment and monitoring while he healed. “You cannot imagine how grateful I am for this help from HEAL Africa hospital.”

The social and economic condition of this area is still very poor and many are not able to pay for medical health for themselves and their families. Insecurity is increasing and repetitive wars mean that this problem is set to continue. We need your support to continue providing for the Mercy Fund to restore the health and wellbeing of those in need in DR Congo. To give to HEAL Africa, please click below to donate.