February 2019

Introducing the Duars Rural Development Project

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In the shadows of the Himalayan mountains, Indian tea plantation workers toil on very low wages, barely able to feed their families. Now some of the tea plantations have closed because of low tea prices, and the local economy has suffered seriously. Many families in distress are hungry for a message of eternal hope.

WorldShare has recently partnered with the Duars Rural Development Project to support their work serving tribal people who live and work in the tea plantations in the foothills of the Himalayas. The ministry has multiplied rapidly, providing help and hope in the name of Jesus to people of all beliefs.

The ministry serves these communities through a range of activities that include:

  • Education and care for vulnerable children.
  • Village outreach ministry now serving over 5,000 people in 150 villages.
  • Thriving community centres that have become beacons of hope for people living on the edge of despair. And they also create a base for initiating a wide range of ministry to the poor. They provide mother and child care, adult literacy classes, economic assistance and other social development activities needed in the community.
  • Relief for displaced people.

The children attend Cornerstone School. At school, the children have access to quality education. This project has been very successful, many children from very poor backgrounds are being helped. We are very happy that older children have gone on to study in colleges and are doing very well.

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A young woman that was sponsored, Sujata Munda, passed her medical entrance examination this year! Her parents are very poor, as both are tea plantation labourers. We trust God will provide her needs to study medicine. Please continue to pray for Sujata as she moves to the city.

Please Pray

Pray for the physical health of these children, for peace and stability in their communities and for good success in their studies and exams. Pray also for encouragement and help from familly member and a responsive heart to the Good News of Jesus.

Sponsor a Child

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Sweety’s father is a tea plantation labourer and he doesn’t earn enough to pay for her education or daily needs. They live in an area that lacks hygiene and sanitation leaving them at high risk of disease. Sweety and many other children like her, are in need of child sponsorship to help provide them with education and proper care.

If you are interested in becoming a ChildAid sponsor, you can find out more about ChildAid here. To become a ChildAid sponsor, please contact us.