December 2018

Providing Vital Treatment for Children in DR Congo

heal africa malnutrition

The generosity of WorldShare supporters has helped HEAL Africa to provide vital treatment and care for children suffering with severe acute malnutrition in DR Congo.

HEAL Africa have been treating children with severe malnutrition for more than six years. Running away from the growing insecurity and violence in their villages, these children come from poor families living on the outskirts of Goma town and they survive on the little money earned from keeping building sites.

The needs in this area are ever growing due to the increase of violence and the influx of more families into this area. WorldShare’s supporters have helped HEAL Africa to stretch their support to be able to care for as many of these children as possible.

871 children have been treated so far in 2018 and have a chance at a future. Here are stories of two of the children who have been saved:

heal africa malnutrition

Gysmine Bashu

Gysmine Bashu, aged 5 months, arrived at HEAL Africa Hospital weighing only 2.5kg in a state of severe acute malnutrition. Living in Goma, her mother comes from a family of 12. She repeatedly suffered from severe malaria during her young age, and this led to recurrent hospitalization and as a result she has not been able to breast feed Gysmine.

The only food she could provide for her child was banana porridge, and this has led to Gysmine’s weight dropping from 4kg to 2.5kg in two months. Heal Africa treated Gysmine for 25 days, to bring her back to a healthy weight, and she left, much happier, weighing 5kg.

heal africa malnutrition

Murandyia Christian

Murandyia Christian is 2 years old, from an orphanage in Beni town. He was abandoned by his mother due to having HIV and is cared for at an orphanage in Goma, where HEAL Africa are located.

Murandyia weighed just 5kg when he arrived at HEAL Africa Hospital. He was also suffering from other medical issues and was very weak.

The HEAL Africa staff provided intensive nutritional treatment for Murandyia for fourteen days, and he continued treatment at the orphanage. A month later, he was much happier and healthier, weighing 8kg.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this appeal! 

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