October 2020

Celebrating Psychological Healing

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Our ministry partner, Beginning of Life, provides education and support programmes to the most vulnerable people in Moldova. This includes human trafficking awareness raising sessions in schools, support and guidance for single mothers and rehabilitative care for victims of human trafficking, abuse or exploitation.

From last year’s Freedom Gifts catalogue, 13 gifts were bought for the work of Beginning of Life, totalling over £500. These funds have enabled our ministry partner to continue to provide compassionate support to many, leading to lots of amazing stories of empowerment and transformation, just like this one:

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Tatyana is a mother of three. Her older children live independently, but her youngest daughter, Anna, lives with her. Tatyana’s husband is very violent and almost every day comes home from work and starts fights. With this pain in her heart, Tatyana reached out to Beginning of Life. When she first met with their psychologist, Yulia, she said: “I cannot live this way. I am so tired of being beaten and humiliated daily and yet I am totally dependent on my husband’s salary. I need something to change.”

After meeting with Yulia, Tatyana decided to enrol in Beginning of Life’s Art Therapy Classes, where she is taught how to cope with her emotional state. Plus, she has learnt how to make hand-sewn dolls and has begun to work in the ‘Art Story Workshop’, where she can sell her creations and earn her own money.

Tatyana has begun to see the change she was dreaming about. She thinks and acts differently. She has found peace, joy and the opportunity to grow alongside her daughter. She has not left her husband but is instead trying to find a way to reach out to him and change the situation in the family.

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This year has brought many challenges for Beginning of Life, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing restrictions on their programmes. Yet, they have adapted remarkably well: between March and June 2020, the Psychological Art Studio moved online, reaching an amazing 83 women and children with therapy sessions.

The following Freedom Gifts support this amazing work of Beginning of Life: