October 2020

Increased Gospel Reach

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Our ministry partner, Kanal Hayat, broadcasts Christian TV and online content into Turkey and West Asia, an area that’s predominantly Muslim. Programming includes films, series, documentaries, music programmes and life stories of people who have faith in Jesus. Topics include practical Christian living, features for women, children’s programmes and bible teaching.

Despite the strong opposing cultures in the region and the increasing risks from extremist groups, Kanal Hayat’s messages continue to open new hearts to Jesus.

Thanks partly to the money raised through Freedom Gifts, Kanal Hayat is seeing significant increases in people searching for Christ, being open to the Gospel and following Him. Last year, in the ‘Sharing the Gospel’ section of Freedom Gifts, 36 gifts were purchased totalling just over £750. Thanks to your generosity, Kanal Hayat have been able to embrace the challenges presented by Covid-19, particularly during the periods when people have been confined to their homes


As people faced fear, uncertainty and hopelessness while in lockdown, with nothing better to do than watch TV or browse social media, the team at Kanal Hayat embraced this unexpected opportunity. They have focussed both their creativity and agility on sharing the Gospel with amazing results.

The video entitled ‘The Gospel’ was viewed more than 90,000 times on YouTube in April 2020, up 39% on April 2019. Follow-up in April 2020 also saw an increase with more than 25,000 connections. That’s 2.7 times more than in April 2019. So, while Covid-19 is challenging, it is also a reminder to trust God in all things.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

Kanal Hayat has had a full rebrand and now employs a Social Media Manager, who came to faith in Jesus through watching Kanal Hayat’s YouTube channel.

The following Freedom Gifts support this amazing work of Kanal Hayat: