October 2020

Urgent Medical Treatment for Shabani

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Our ministry partner, HEAL Africa in DR Congo, runs a Christian medical ministry which provides holistic care for the people of this war-torn region. The ministry focuses on training health professionals, strengthening social activists and providing physical, spiritual and social healing.

From last year’s Freedom Gifts catalogue, 17 gifts were bought for the work of HEAL Africa, totalling just over £700. These funds have greatly contributed to the ongoing work of the hospital staff in reaching out to those in need, especially over this troubling Covid-19 period. The following story showcases just one example of the inspirational work of our healthcare ministry partners:

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If you received our Window Magazine in May of this year, you may remember the story of Shabani. He is an 8 year old orphan who was severely burnt all over his body when a group of children poured petrol on his head and set him alight, all because he had not shared his doughnuts with them.

His grandmother was afraid to take him to hospital as she couldn’t pay for his treatment and so his wounds got worse and became badly infected. Thankfully, someone told her about HEAL Africa who were able to give him proper care, including several operations to help his neck turn and his left arm move. The total cost was £1,800, yet his grandmother did not have to pay a penny – it was completely covered by HEAL Africa’s ‘Mercy Fund’.

We are delighted to report that since we last updated you, Shabani has gone from strength to strength.

He is now back home in his community, attending school, and in a recent interview he said: “I want to become a doctor so that I can take care of vulnerable patients like me.” Dr Wetzig, one of the HEAL Africa doctors who treated him, is overjoyed by his progress: “[when he first arrived] you could just see in his eyes he really had no hope… but to see him again with a smile on his face is just beautiful.”

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By purchasing the ‘Mercy Fund’ gift in the ‘Health and Covid-19’ section of our catalogue, you will be contributing to the compassionate care of someone like Shabani, who has nowhere else to turn. You can view and purchase it here: