June 2018

An interview with Finney Thomas: JKPS Ministry Leader

Finney Thomas

The work of our partner ministry JKPS, serves to share the gospel, provide education and medical care and bring hope and justice to those exploited in the slum areas of Kolkata in India. We caught up with JKPS ministry leader Finney Thomas to share with you a bit more about Finney’s work and how the ministry is impacting lives.

How did you come to be the ministry leader of JKPS and how long have you been doing it?

I am an engineer by profession and had been in a business of manufacturing electrical switchboards for industrial use. This I did for 35 years. While still engaged in my business I was actively involved with JKPS. After eight years on the Board of JKPS, including a stint as Chairman, I stepped down to take on the role of the CEO of the organisation. I have been in this position for four years.

As a ministry leader of JKPS, what is an average day for you?

I wake up early and go out for a walk at around 5am! I return around 6am and after my devotion (and if my wife is still asleep), I try and get as much office work done as I can. I’m usually in the office by 9am where I meet with the staff and we have half an hour of devotion. Throughout the day, I have meetings with staff across different departments and some days I visit the different locations we serve within the city (around 10 of them). Sometimes, there are trips outside of Kolkata to neighbouring districts of West Bengal, to encourage our workers. On a normal day I am back home by 6.30pm and then I am all my wife’s – for the rest of the time she loans me to JKPS!

What is the most amazing move of God you have seen in the work of JKPS?

Having come from a background of business, where you sort of chart your own course and attribute success or failures to yourself, it’s amazing to see God at work in JKPS, when we step out in faith. He uses us, but all the credit goes to Him for He surprises us doing things we could never even imagine. 

JKPS India family
JKPS children
JKPS medical

Why is the work of JKPS so important?

Despite Christianity having come to India 2000 years back with the arrival of Apostle Thomas, Christians are still a meagre 2% in this country. We have been strategically placed in West Bengal where the number of Christians is very low.

How is this impacting the lives of people in the West Bengal region?

JKPS has workers in all 19 districts of West Bengal. We have churches here, which we term ‘Community Development Centres’, because these are places where there is not only spiritual input into the lives of people, but we are concerned about their physical and social needs. We run tuition centres for children, dig wells for providing fresh and clean drinking water and run medical camps.

Why should WorldShare supporters and others in the UK support the work of JKPS?

The British came to India in 1690 and made Kolkata the capital for their empire in India. WorldShare supporters could now make Kolkata their capital for the spread of God’s Kingdom in India. JKPS is engaged in holistic transformation of various communities and in a wide spectrum of social and spiritual programmes that spread the love of Jesus wherever we go.

How can people pray for you and the work of JKPS?

Pray that God would keep us faithful and humble – two important qualities that are essential for us to be used by Him. That He would lead us to the right people so that we could get them to join JKPS and fill a number of vacancies that exist. Finally, that He would continue to provide the resources, as He always has in the past.