April 2018

A new church building in Albania

Vlocisht new church building 3

The Medical Ambassadors Foundation (MAF) work in remote, poverty-stricken villages in Albania to develop communities physically and spiritually through the hope of Jesus Christ. Albania as a whole suffers from corruption, poverty and social inequality, but in rural villages the problem is much more pronounced. Hidden behind modern, residential areas are villages like Vlocisht where poverty is visibly rife. Many have no electricity, no drainage and live on mud roads in derelict houses.

Since MAF planted their church in Vlocisht, they have seen lives transformed within the community, taking them from despair to a place of hope and promise.

The church in Vlocisht has been growing, for which we praise God! The growth has meant that they have outgrown the church building they currently meet in. The facility, which four years ago was supposed to be a temporary solution, lacks the space they need for children’s ministry and is not accessible for the elderly or disabled.

For the last two years, MAF have been raising money to purchase a more suitable building for the church. This would also allow MAF to eventually handover leadership to local leaders so that the ministry can move on to new unreached communities around Albania.

The generosity of WorldShare supporters along with other donors meant that we hit the £23,000 target earlier this year and the new building has been purchased. Praise God! A team of volunteers worked hard in the lead up to Easter to get the new building ready. Everyone pitched in and helped with painting and cleaning to get things ready for the Easter services. 70 people came to the Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday services in their new church home!

Vlocisht new church building 4
Vlocisht new church building
Vlocisht new church building 2

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported this project financially and in prayer. The vision of MAF can develop as they continue to restore hope through the Gospel in some of the least-reached and needy villages across Albania.