April 2018

Development in Nepal

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The earthquake in Nepal in April 2015 took the lives of nearly 10,000 people, injured another 16,800 people and left half a million people homeless.

Many of you gave to our appeal for Nepal in 2015 which helped to provide food, blankets, shelter and medical supplies. But your help didn’t just provide initial relief, it has helped the ongoing development of some of the communities who suffered. After the initial relief was provided, the work of our ministry partners in the area shifted into development, with a longterm aim of community transformation.

Your support was part of making this happen and we pray your impact continues to expand. The village of Phostar in Dhading District in central Nepal is in the area that suffered the worst damage and was identified as a location to focus this development work. The villagers decided which houses to build first and they worked alongside ministry leaders to build 200 new metal houses, creating a sense of purpose and community spirit for all involved. Your gifts also helped to repair irrigation dams and water-reserve tanks to provide clean water. Many people are now able to grow crops and farm cattle, to provide an income for themselves.

The earthquake destroyed a village mud house which was serving as a church. For several weeks, the small congregation gathered outdoors until a temporary church was built. Now, a community church building is under construction and due to be ready this April. In the last three years, many in the village who didn’t like Christians have now become open to the Gospel and more people are attending church services.

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The impact of the earthquake continues today as thousands of people are still living in unsafe houses or tents. Our ministry partners are now working with the villagers to take their newly learned skills to a neighbouring village and work alongside those villagers to help rebuild their homes, irrigation systems and crop fields and continue transforming communities.