March 2018

Eugenie’s Story

Eugenie HEAL Africa Mercy Fund

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the second poorest country in the world and many people are not able to afford health care.

Our partner ministry HEAL Africa have been responding to this need for more than two decades through their hospital in Goma which provides healthcare and medical treatment from basic to life-saving.

HEAL Africa’s Mercy Fund is a scheme which provides free health care to people in DR Congo who desperately need treatment but have no means of income to pay for it. Eugenie is from DR Congo, and the Mercy Fund saved her baby’s life.

Eugenie experienced a very painful and risky labour due to multiple complications with her baby. “As the threats started when I was still in my village, there was no one able to assist me, so they referred me to HEAL Africa hospital for better healthcare.”

Eugenie gave birth at HEAL Africa hospital, but her baby was born with a congenital malformation on his head. This required costly surgery interventions that Eugenie could not afford to pay, so the Mercy Fund covered the funds of the treatment needed to save her baby’s life.

Both Eugenie and her husband are jobless and vulnerable, they have no means of earning an income that could help them to cover the treatment of their child. Their only option would have been to sell their house.

“I could have just watched my baby dying as I am not able to gather enough money for his treatment. I am so grateful and I really thank the people who have covered the cost of the treatment for my child and paid for his surgery. I have nothing to pay you back, but I pray that God will bless you for all you do to make lighter the hardship I am facing.”

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