March 2020

Sonson’s Story


Sonson’s Story

Sonson is a 15-year-old 9th grade student at Ecole Pentacôte Par la Foi. Sonson’s parents are separated. He mostly lives with his mum because her house is closer to the city and his school. Sonson loves his mum. He is grateful for her because she works to provide him with food and clothing. After paying for the necessities, Sonson’s mum doesn’t have a lot of money to pay for school fees. Sonson has attended Haiti Christian Schools for the last four years. He is thankful for the opportunity to receive an education that his parents could never afford.

Recently, Sonson received a job at the local garden project. He goes to the garden on Saturdays and Sundays to water the plants and trees, pick weeds, and plant seeds with four others. Sonson says, “I am so happy to help contribute in my community. My mother is so proud of me because I am helping her pay for food. There have been many days when we have not had any food. The costs are more than we can ever afford. So many people are hungry. I am blessed - I love my job and the things I am learning.”

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During the second half of 2019, the cost of food in Haiti tripled. This increase in food costs is in part due to economic issues which have contributed to ongoing demonstrations in the country. The government has failed to address corruption issues, causing a 17% inflation in prices, one of the highest rates in the region.

Transforming Communities

Having food at school has become crucial because the meal students receive there is often their only meal of the day. In 2019, our ministry partners Haiti Christian Schools provided over 130 students with a meal every day. They are currently looking to expand the programme into the summer months. Parents are so grateful!

At one of their 3 schools, HCS have started a community garden to supplement student’s meals, thanks to support from partners like WorldShare. The school is thrilled about their new garden! Students and teachers learn about agriculture through growing tomatoes, spinach, and beetroot. The vegetables allow the school to make the meals they serve more nutritious. This food will give students strength and keep them focused whilst learning in school. Lack of food is a big concern at this small rural school. They are now looking for ways to provide for others in the surrounding area.

In 2019, Haiti Christian Schools had the following impact…

270 teachers trained

130 students fed daily

42 new believers

210 children educated

1,040 heard the gospel

17 baptised

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Please pray:

  • Pray that the country would find a peaceful solution to all its troubles. Praise God that He hears the people’s cries and provides for their needs.
  • Haiti Christian Schools need to help more people and expand their resources. Please pray that God will give them wisdom to know how best to provide for their community.
  • Thank God that Haiti Christian Schools is providing steady, reliable jobs for their staff members, meaning they earn enough to buy food for their own families.