February 2018

Relief for those in South Sudan

South Sudan AIC

Almost one year ago, famine was declared in South Sudan after five years of conflict had forced almost 1 million people out of their homes and into neighbouring countries in East Africa. Entire villages had to leave their homes and their means of income. The influx of refugees into nearby countries such as Uganda caused widespread food shortage leaving 19 million people facing starvation and half a million children suffering from malnutrition.

Our partner ministry, Africa Inland Church (AIC) have been on the ground serving some of the most vulnerable in South Sudan and Uganda. Thanks to the generous response to our appeals earlier in the year, we have been able to support AIC as they distribute food, provide loans and offer prayer support to many of those suffering.

AIC have focused their support on widows, pregnant mothers and the disabled. Food packages have been given out which include maize flour, cooking oil and beans.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated and prayed for the work of AIC, your support has made a difference to many people suffering. Read on to find out more about some of those who have been helped.

SSAI Famine handicap relief 2017 (21).jpg


Jane is 47, she is a widow and disabled. Jane cares for 9 children, four are her own and five are the children of her late sister. “Life is just hard, there is no market and no opportunities for work. I thank God for the food I’ve received, may God bless AIC and the donors.”

South Sudan AIC


Madelina is 27 years old and lives in a family of seven. Madelina is the oldest daughter and is disabled. They only manage to eat one meal a day, which they have in the evening. The food package given to them provided enough for two meals a day for two weeks. “God is working, I am very happy and my family will be very happy too, to receive this food. Thank you AIC and the donors, may God bless you all.”

South Sudan AIC


George is 37 and lives with his family of 11. They are only able to eat once a day. "Things are very difficult, we just pray that God will protect us and give us our daily bread. God is powerful, he provides us with our need; today, the family will enjoy a good meal. I thank God for AIC and for the relief support, especially to those with a disability.

Please Pray…

Thank God for the work of AIC and pray that he will continue to provide opportunities for AIC to support many others in need.