November 2017

Winter in Albania

Winter in Albania

The day after the first snow, the ministry leaders were praising the Lord for the people that have had contact with them or have come to meetings and for those that have accepted Jesus into their lives.


Vlocisht is one of the rural and poverty-stricken areas of Albania that our partner ministry works in through their church plant and community development. In this village they have met a man named Fredi, that has been struggling for many years with alcohol and he has recently divorced.

One day, he met Patriot, one of the ministry leaders. Patriot encouraged him to attend the weekly men’s group that they hold in the village. The man explained to Patriot that his son, who lives in Tirane is a Christian and goes to an Evangelical Church there. His son had introduced him to the pastor of his church, but he didn’t understand. But since attending the men’s group, he says he now understands and has become very open to the Gospel.

Please pray for Fredi, that he will understand and accept Jesus as his Saviour.


Poceste is the smallest of the three Albanian villages our partner ministry works in. Vali lives in Poceste and has been attending church and the weekly men’s group for some time now. He is gradually encouraging his family to join him – his daughter has started coming to the weekly women’s group and Vali says he has seen changed in her since this. Last week Vali’s wife, who usually just drops off their daughter and leaves, cleaned the church and started the fire for the women’s meeting and decided to stay. She said she was surprised by what she heard, and that she believed them to be true.

Please pray for Vali’s wife, that she will continue to have an open heart to the Gospel.

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