February 2020

Cahaya Suku: stories from the field

Typical Village in Southern Sumatera


Cahaya Suku (“Light to the Peoples”) is one of the largest church-planting initiatives in Indonesia aimed at ministry to unreached Muslims. With a vision of seeing all of Indonesia reached with the Gospel, Cahaya Suku assists in forming independent regional ministries that are proclaiming the Good News among the unreached and planting house churches.


One Cahaya Suku church planting team consists of three families. The island they serve experienced violent conflicts between Islam and Christianity in the year 2000, where more than one thousand people were killed. Since then, Christians have found it extremely difficult to share the Gospel with Muslims in that area.

Tad* is one of several Muslims who has heard the Gospel over the past months thanks to Cahaya Suku’s team. Tad was looking for work in November and asked leader Rich* if he knew of any openings. Rich helped him find vacancies on Facebook. That’s when he had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Tad. Incredibly, Tad’s heart was softened, he believed in the Gospel message and wanted to be prayed for.

Cahaya Suku generic Indonesia Jul 2017

Over the following days, they met several times for discipleship. Rich shared about the meaning of and importance of baptism. However, Tad was not ready to be baptised. Then, on 24th November, Tad called Rich wanting to meet. He was ready to be baptised. Praise God! Rich continues to disciple Tad to this day.

Another team of church planters, working in Southern Sumatra, were grateful that God led them to meet Putra* aged 33 and his father Arif* aged 58. They began to believe in Jesus after hearing the Gospel through Cahaya Suku last February. After they were baptised, church planters met with them regularly to study God’s word. After following Christ for just over a month, their lives changed. They adjusted how they spoke with one another and how they treated others.

Cahaya Suku

During discipleship meetings, church planters began to impart the vision of new Christians sharing the Gospel and encouraged them to reach out to their family and friends. The team were amazed that Arif began to capture the vision and went on to share Jesus with his wife, children and daughter in law, all of whom live with him. He also intentionally went to visit his other children who live in another village more than two hours away, to share the Gospel with them. With God’s help, Arif’s wife, two of his married children and their spouses and three of his grandchildren have become believers! They have started to meet as a group to study the Bible. Within a month, nine people joined their group.

Please pray:

  • Thank God that church planters like Rich and his family are reaching out to Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that they remain strong and enthusiastic in this ministry.
  • Ask God to touch Muslim’s hearts when the name of Jesus is shared, and pray that they come to call Him their Lord and Saviour.
  • Please pray that the group of new believers (Arif and his family) will continue to grow in the knowledge of Jesus and that they will be bold to share their faith with people from their community.
  • Pray specifically for Arif’s challenges in reading - because he has a condition where his eyes are blurry, he relies on the ability to memorise and repeat verses from the Bible.

*names changed for security reasons