February 2020

Water Filters Transform Lives

PH Water Filters


Potter’s House has been working amongst the dump community in Guatemala City for over 30 years. Back in late 2017 it started to work in the poor rural community of Chiquimula, which is close to the border with El Salvador and Honduras.

Health and hygiene are massive issues in these poor communities and rather than treating the symptoms, Potter’s House is working to make a difference to people’s live in a number of ways. One of these is addressing the impact of unsafe drinking water, leading to disease, sickness and sometimes even death.

The Parish of Hampshire Downs kindly approached WorldShare looking for a particular need they could make the focus of their March appeal. People were motivated to raise funds to support this community and address the issue of unsafe water supplies. Here’s how their support has made a difference…

PH Water Filters
PH Water Filters
PH Water Filters


In the month of October Potter’s House were able to deliver 56 water filters to a community called El Pinalito. This community is located in the State of Chiquimula, about 25 minutes from the main town. More than 500 families live there. The community has a Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary schools.

One of the biggest challenges they have to contend with is a poor water service. Unfortunately, this community is one of many in Chiquimula that has a very unregulated service - they have water every two weeks just for a couple of hours through community taps. Because of this situation, families need to keep water in different kinds of containers and don’t have purified water to drink or cook with.

Providing water filters to 56 families is a huge blessing. Thanks to these filters, many children and adults will suffer from less from stomach diseases and other illnesses related to poor water supply.

“Thank you to those who think about us and our needs.” Rosa Orellana - Community Leader

"Thank you so much for our water filter." Jackeline (aged 5) and Francisco (aged 3), pictured below

PH Water Filters

Special thanks to the Parish of Hampshire Downs for their generous contribution, and for all of WorldShare’s supporters who give to and pray for Potter’s House. Perhaps your church is looking for a ministry to support or a specific need to fundraise for? Do contact us for more information.