November 2017

Renewed Lives among Syrian Refugees

The Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL) are continuing to support the 120 Syrian refugee families registered with their Oasis project. Located in the poor suburbs of Bourj Hammoud in Lebanon, the Oasis project offers safety, support and hope for refugees. Over the last six months, FEAL have helped 3,500 refugees with food, hygiene kits, heaters and clothing.

The women that attend the Oasis programmes are encouraged to attend Bible study and Discipleship classes geared towards new Christians. Around 20 of these women have shown real Gospel transformation in their lives. In a predominantly Muslim community, the women are not afraid to risk their safety and share their new Christian faith. They share what Jesus has done for them and they believe in the healing power of prayer.

Amina, one of the women attending the Oasis programme, has convinced her uncle of accepting the Lord. Her uncle used to oppose her and threaten her. Now, he goes with her to witness and worship Jesus. 


Thanks to the generous support towards this cause, FEAL have been able to fund extra resources allowing them to further develop the existing Oasis programme and replicate it in a new area. The new Oasis programme will be based in the Bekaa Valley where hundreds of Syrian refugees are living in tents and camps. Initially, it will be run alongside a house church and several people have volunteered to provide education and other help.Please pray…

  • For the new Oasis programme in Bekaa Valley, that it can bring help and hope to many more refugees.
  • For the refugee women who are risking their safety to share their new Christian faith
  • For the healing of the refugees who have been through such trauma
Lebanon Oasis centre

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