January 2020

Albania Earthquake - Six Weeks On

Ruined buildings


As you may remember, on 26th November 2019 a disasterous earthquake hit Albania. The epicentre was close to Durrës, Albania’s second largest city, which is on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, but many surrounding areas were also badly damaged. The current death toll is 51, over 900 people have been injured, and it is estimated that up to 16,000 people have lost their homes.

In affected cities, the government has arranged for those who remain homeless to stay in hotels (since Durrës is a vacation destination and many of the hotels are empty this time of year). In nearby villages, people are left trying to sleep in unstable structures or in tents in their courtyards as they have livestock that they need to stay and attend to. Tents have been distributed to lots of people by the government or by other organisations, but there are still many people sleeping in improvised shelters. This is a cold time of year, so it is dangerous for them to be sleeping outside.

Tents 3
Temporary shelter

Help where needed

WorldShare’s ministry partners in Albania (who you can read about in our last appeal) are helping where they can by meeting people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They are trying to be a good witness during this time by bringing the hope of Christ to a desperate situation. Three church plants have wanted to help as best they can so have collected special offerings and also added to the offerings from their church finance accounts to bring their gift to about $1000. Patriot, who leads the overall ministry, along with some representatives from the church, took the money to an area that was affected by the earthquake where they have connections. They helped three families out with some immediate needs that they had. They would now like to raise a total of $5000 to help a further 10 families with their housing or other immediate needs due to the earthquake.

earthquake 5
People crying
earthquake 1

Please pray

  • Thank God for the willingness of our ministry partners in Albania, and that of all of the believers, to get involved and to help victims of the earthquake.
  • Praise God for the churches that took offerings and took money from their reserve to send to people in need.
  • Ask God to comfort those who have lost or are concerned about loved ones. Pray that they would depend on their Heavenly Father for all they need at this difficult time.
  • Pray that corruption in the government would not hinder aid efforts, and that more secure shelter would be provided quickly.

Thank you for praying. If you would like to donate to the work of our ministry partners in Albania as they support those affected by the earthquake, please do contact us.