December 2019

Kanal Hayat: Miraculous Testimonies

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We serve a mighty God for whom all things are possible!

Says Martin Tangstad, CEO of Kanal Hayat, when summing up the year 2019.

A big thank you to those of you who read and engaged with our September appeal which gave information and stories from our ministry partners Kanal Hayat. We have had a great response so far, and thought it would be encouraging to share some of the miraculous testimonies of how God has been at work that have been shared with us recently…

Kanal Hayat
Kanal Hayat


The following comments were posted by a viewer on one Kanal Hayat’s testimony videos on YouTube:


Watching this video gave me peace. How can I become a Christian?


Today I accepted Jesus into my heart. It’s a very interesting feeling. A mixture of peace and love. Unbelievable. I feel that Jesus loves me. I hope He feels my love towards Him too. May Jesus save us. Amen

There are many comments like these of people actively asking for guidance on how to become a Christian. Such examples emphasise the importance of utilising social media to share the Gospel and combine it with follow up. In 2020, Kanal Hayat will therefore continue to focus on building up their organisation in this area, and make the most of this brilliant resource to grow the Kingdom.

A book on a bus

Martin Tangstad told us this brilliant story about one of their viewers:

“This viewer’s brother sells tickets for a bus company. One day a foreigner purchased a ticket at his office and walked away leaving a book on the counter. The book was a copy of the New Testament. After several days of waiting for the foreigner to return and claim his book, the man gave up and took the book home. At home our viewer saw the book his brother had brought and left out in the open. He started reading. He liked what he read. As a result of online searching, he watched some Kanal Hayat programmes and The Passion film. Finally, he rang the number on the Kanal Hayat screen. Our operator could tell that this viewer had either already believed in Christ or was very close to believing. Where did he live? Cyprus. Our operator didn’t know someone in Cyprus to contact, so he called a friend. The friend said he had a friend who had studied at a university in Cyprus and surely had believing friends there. This third friend was contacted and when he saw the name and telephone number he said, ‘I know this man!’ He called the viewer immediately and indeed he had believed in the Lord Jesus. Both men were delighted! The viewer said he would travel to Istanbul as soon as possible to meet with his friend and to meet others believers there. Meanwhile he has contacted believers who are also in Cyprus.”

Pray with us…

Kanal Hayat have thanked us for our ongoing faithful prayer support, and would love us to specifically pray for the folllowing:

  • Pray for the physical well-being of everyone in Kanal Hayat.
  • Pray for the follow-up team, that God would bless and guide them as they share the gospel with those they meet.
  • Pray for the Gospel to continue to reach and bring transformation to people in the region.

Thank you! Your support of Kanal Hayat through our recent appeal has already made a huge difference to this ministry.