March 2024

Jumping for joy!

Praise God that a young man from Bitola, North Macedonia, was baptised in December of last year. 18-year-old Darko, who recently became a believer, begged his pastor for a whole month to baptise him. The pastor told him, "It’s winter and we don’t have an indoor pool, so it’s best to wait until summer", but he was persistent.

And so, on 28th December 2023, Darko (pictured right) was baptised in the freezing cold waters of Lake Prespa. He was so happy that he was jumping for joy!

In his confession of faith, when asked if he would follow Christ, he answered,

ECNM Bitola Baptism

“Yes, I am ready to leave the world of sin and live only for Jesus, to go to the end of the world and to die for Him if necessary.”

Pastor Josip, who baptised him, said, “May God give us at least 2,000 zealous believers like him.”

Please pray for Darko, that he will stay on fire for Jesus and that God will use him for His glory. Please also pray for the funds needed by the Evangelical Church in North Macedonia, to fulfil their vision to raise up the next generation of young leaders who will become church planters across the nation. 80% of the funding has been secured, leaving a funding gap of 20%.

ECNM 2024 01 Baptism in lake Prespa, EC Bitola

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Ministry leader, Petre Petrov said, “Constant change is vital, the life of every church should be like a river, always new.”