October 2023

Ghana Appeal Update

At the end of July, we launched our appeal for High Priest Academy in Ghana. The school was in urgent need of window shutters to keep the mosquitos out of the classrooms, as well as funding to feed the children and pay the teachers' salaries.

Thanks to your generosity, we have raised enough to meet the urgent needs outlined in this appeal. Headteacher of High Priest Academy, John Adu, said:

“High Priest Academy is greatly blessed by our partnership with WorldShare. We have been able to ensure that outstanding salaries owed to staff have been paid as well as clearing the loan we took to purchase textbooks for all the children. Now we have one student to one textbook in all the ten subjects studied in the school. The installation of the much-needed shutters, fans and doors has been very transformative to the learning environment of the school - enhancing ventilation, preventing tropical diseases like malaria caused by mosquitoes and beautifying the environment.”

Thank you again for your generosity.

Please continue to pray for the Lord’s provision for High Priest Academy and for the children and staff to know His hand of protection on their lives.

LWOF HPA Ghana Appeal Classroom doors 1
LWOF HPA Ghana Appeal Shutters 25 (1)
LWOF HPA Ghana Appeal Fan (1)
LWOF HPA Ghana Appeal Doors 2 (1)