November 2019

Ashaloy House, JKPS

Ashaloy House - inauguration


For many years, the Ashaloy drop-in centre in Sonagachi, India, had been operating out of a temporary facility. In September 2018, JKPS were then asked to vacate the facility but a local partner organisation graciously opened their building for them where they then relocated to during the interim period. Meanwhile, JKPS conducted a survey to identify possible properties for purchase. Eventually, the partner organisation who had let them use their building agreed to sell the property to them so that they could have their own space to run the Ashaloy programme!

Ashaloy House - outside
Ashaloy House - first floor

The new building

Thanks to your very generous support following our appeal, JKPS were able to complete the purchase of the new building. On September 24th 2019 it was officially dedicated to the important work of Ashaloy House, to the glory and honour of God. JKPS are looking forward to scaling up their activities in the near future to increasingly become a beacon of light in these dark places. They are so grateful for a permanent, safe space in which to do this.

Ashaloy House - computer room
Computer room
Ashaloy House - terrace
Ashaloy House - dance room
Dance room

What’s it being used for?

A total of about 100 children have enrolled at Ashaloy. The ages range from 3 to 16 years old. They are children of women working in the sex industry, as well as from the local slums, all of whom are highly vulnerable to sexual abuse, sex trafficking and substance abuse, among other things. The Ashaloy programme has been designed to provide after school support to these children, where they are monitored in order to keep them safe and show them that there is hope beyond their circumstances.

These children hear stories from the Scriptures and are taught by teachers who model Christ to them. As well as tutoring, the Ashaloy programme also runs a Computer Literacy course which helps children to not only learn how to use computers, but also practice what they are learning in school. Also, conversational English classes are run twice a week, helping to instil a sense of confidence in the children to speak a language that is not native to them.

Finally, a music therapist works with the adolescent group. Through music, she helps these young people to share their daily struggles with each other and learn to cope with them. She also works with a group of children who have experienced trauma and are differently abled – whether with visual impairments, intellectual disabilities, or autism.


Three girls who had been struggling to continue their school education have successfully completed their Grade 10 public exam through the support of the team at Ashaloy. Following that, in order to help them continue with their education further, Ashaloy has supported their admission to high school and taken care of the expenses for their school supplies.

Your support of JKPS has made a huge difference to this ministry! Please continue to pray for the work that goes on at Ashaloy House.