August 2022

Adventuring with cowboys in Albania

It is that wonderful time of year when not only is it a bit warmer, but our ministry partners across the world begin a season of holiday Bible camps. To give you a taster of these, today we head over to Albania to hear from the Medical Ambassadors Foundation (MAF) team in Albania whose camps are in full swing.

The MAF team has just finished its first holiday Bible camp in Vashtemi based around the exciting theme: ‘Adventure with cowboys - Jesus is our friend!’ Around 115 children, aged 5-12, gathered together for the week long camp and a group of local youth helped lead.

Each day a new Bible story was introduced, including the following:

  • David and Jonathan
  • Daniel helps his friends make good choices
  • Jesus calms the storm and is a friend you can count on
  • Jesus is our friend and Saviour
Holiday Bible camp in Albania - children in the cowboy scarfs listening to a session
Holiday Bible camp in Albania - Artwork showing boat and desert island
Holiday Bible camp in Albania - children playing an outdoor game
Holiday Bible camp in Albania - sharing a story from the Bible
Holiday Bible camp in Albania - Group of children showing off colourful wristbands
Holiday Bible camp in Albania - group of children gathered together showing off their artwork

Youth camps

As well as its own camps, MAF was able to send some of their older youth group, of 14 to 19-year-olds, to a camp an hour way in Erseke run by Torchbearers.

Together they spent time studying Exodus learning about Moses, Israel and the Great ‘I AM’. Alongside this they had an action packed week of outdoor activities including activities such as hiking, mini-golfing and canoeing.

Holiday Bible camp in Albania - children kayaking

God’s faithfulness

Some of the young people took time to share what they learnt during the camp:

“In every lesson we learnt about God’s faithfulness, his holiness and his love for us and how he keeps his promises.”

“I liked the part about how obedient Moses was to the Lord… he went 10 times to Pharoah to request to let the people go. He didn’t give up even though it might have been dangerous for him, but kept going back to Pharoah when God told him to.”

“If we stay with God, he will always be with us…he will never forsake us!”

It is a joy to hear these reflections. Please pray for the children and young people who participated in these camps and had the truth of God’s Word planted in their hearts, may they continue to grow in their faith. To find out out more about MAF’s ministry serving local communities in Albania visit their ministry partner page here.