July 2019

Ebola Outbreak in DR Congo

Article 2

A crisis situation that cannot be ignored in the Democratic Republic Of Congo

All humans are born equal. All humans deserve the same rights without fear of disease, poverty or war. We all deserve the same medical care without discrimination, but in the Democratic Republic Of Congo, people are suffering due to no fault of their own, but down to a lack of medical facilities. There is an outbreak of Ebola, transmitted from wild animals to humans and then able to spread amongst communities purely by normal human interactions.

At Heal Africa Hospital in the Goma region, things are stable but preventative measures are being deployed to prevent a fatal outbreak. There have already been cases reported in other health facilities in Goma, including 2 people being treated for Ebola and another 12 being closely monitored. This is putting further pressures on the medical facilities in the area as measures are put in place for the safety of staff as well as patients and visitors. Up to now Heal Africa have been funding this themselves, but resources are running out and they are starting to rely on help from outside to prevent a full outbreak occurring.

Help is at hand

For a large majority of the population, their hopes of survival lie with Heal Africa, who provide holistic care for the people of this war-torn region. They are doing everything they can to train health professionals, strengthen social activists, and provide physical, spiritual and social healing. Health workers claim a new approach is needed to combat misunderstandings in the community and start rebuilding lives. This however, comes at a cost and that is where they need you. They need the support of the world to pull themselves out of danger and ultimately out of fear and start building a future filled with hope, safety and faith.

HEAL Africa is there to reassure both Goma residents and neighboring countries that measures are being taken to strengthen surveillance for Ebola at border posts and elsewhere, so please give what you can to support them and bring peace back to the nation.