August 2019

A permanent home for the church in Struga 

Article 1

Within close proximity of the Albanian border, it has been a challenge to establish the Evangelical Church in Northern Macedonia due to the strong influence of the Islamic faith, crossing over the border from Albania into the region. Taking confidence from the parent church in the capital city of Skopje, the Evangelical Church of Macedonia maintained hope of establishing a place in the city of Struga for the evangelical witness to grow and the community to have a place for worship.

The community

Located on the shore of Lake Ohrid, the town of Struga is the seat of the Struga municipality and as such, deserves to have a church presence for the people of the region to rely on. A desire to create this presence prompted a search for premises and a building was found within a suitably populated area of the city. This building was accustomed to housing those that are hungry as its previous use was as a restaurant but now it would house those with an appetite for worship. Once a rental agreement had been established, a thriving community was developed, and now the former eatery houses regular services, community groups, meetings, counseling sessions and bible studies. The ambitions for the church don’t stop there either as the priority is to create a safe and happy haven for the newly connected community in Struga on a permanent basis, with a continuing focus on the youth community for, as we know, education is key to bringing a population out of poverty and into a world enveloped in hope and security.

To have a permanent home here and gain the confidence of the community wouldn’t be easy so it was a truly magical moment when the owners stated they would be willing to sell the premises to enable the church to be there for the foreseeable future and play a pivotal role in creating the social environment for worship and friendship they had always craved.

A truly magnificent partnership

This is a good news story celebrating how faith and dedication can bring a truly magnificent outcome. The results of this project, after two years of collecting the funds, have been undeniably fantastic and have helped to secure an evangelical witness in the area. None of this would have been possible without the support and generosity of Worldshare’s supporters. With this support, the ministry were able to cover not only the deposit needed to make the purchase, but also the continuing payments, and achieve the overarching goal of cementing a presence for the Evangelical church of Macedonia in the now thriving city of Struga.