Transforming the lives of children living in poor, urban communities surrounding the rock-cutting quarries of Bangalore. Providing safe, quality education for those who are unable to afford it.

BCM Girls at school

ChildAid in Bangalore

Child sponsorship through Bangalore City Mission (BCM) supports children living in the poorest areas of Bangalore, India. These children typically come from families whose parents work in rock-cutting quarries and face a life of exploitation and danger. 

A significant barrier to children from marginalised families accessing education is their physical location and having no means of safely travelling to school. BCM works through both the local school it has established, Sinclairs High School, and its Women and Children’s Centre, to provide a quality Christian education for around 200 children who are unable to afford education costs due to a lack of finance, disability or illness.

Our child sponsorship programme also covers the costs of school uniforms, books and Sinclairs' school bus, which picks up and drops children home from the poorer, more remote villages every school day. BCM’s Women and Children’s Centre provides women with opportunities for vocational skills training and childcare, and provides young children with daily nutritious meals, a safe place to study and early childhood education.

BCM Girl
BCM Child care centre
BCM Boys at school
BCM school bus

Your Sponsorship Provides…


Free, quality education for those unable to afford school fees, along with supplies such as books and school uniforms.

Travel to School

Funding for Sinclairs' school bus, which picks up and drops home children from the poorer, more remote villages every day.

Food and Healthcare

Meals and nutrition awareness programmes to ensure children are healthy and nourished. 

Sharing the Gospel

Christian witness through Sinclairs High School, and the Women and Children’s Centre, showing the children Jesus' love for them.

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