Transforming the lives of children in Uganda. Providing orphans and vulnerable children with essential, holistic support.


ChildAid in Uganda

Our ministry partner in Uganda, Christian Fellowship Ministries, works to support children who are either orphans living in foster homes, have only one parent or come from families living in extreme poverty. Children make up close to 60% of Uganda’s total population, of which 14% (2.4 million) are orphans. Of those 2.4 million orphans, over 45% are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS and of these, 105,000 children between 0-14 years are HIV Positive.

Christian Fellowship Ministries aim to provide nearly 300 disadvantaged children with the opportunity to receive basic medical care, to attend school with the correct equipment and to take part in community development projects.

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Your Sponsorship Provides…


School fees so that they can attend their local school and tutoring sessions in basic literacy skills, run by CFM.


Each year, children are given school uniform, school shoes, a basic school backpack, and basic textbooks.

Community Development

Mentoring groups and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention sessions.


Parents/guardians are relieved from medical bills.

Sharing the Gospel

Each child has the opportunity to hear the Gospel message and to learn about Jesus Christ.

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