Transforming the lives of children in Myanmar. Providing a loving home and parental care to needy children and orphans.

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ChildAid in Myanmar

Our ministry partner, Word of Hope in Myanmar, runs the Word of Hope orphanage which provides care and a loving home to needy children. The children taken into Word of Hope come from the poorest area of Myanmar where 70% of families are living below the poverty line. The children are either orphans or their parents cannot afford to take care of them.

At Word of Hope, the ministry team, care for around 50, providing them with food, essentials, and medical checks as well as a safe and positive environment. The children also attend weekly Sunday school.

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Your Sponsorship Provides…


A safe and loving home


Three nutritious meals each day


Clothes and other day-to-day essentials

Sharing the Gospel

Each child has the opportunity to hear the Gospel message and to learn about Jesus Christ.

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Ministry Partner: Word of Hope

Planting churches and developing communitites in Myanmar, where Christians face adversity, persecution and isolation.

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