Imagine you’re in the middle of your church service. Suddenly the lights go off, the music cuts out and the screen goes black.

This is exactly what our ministry partner in Myanmar, Word of Hope, is facing. They have alerted us to an urgent need for a 60kVA diesel generator to address the electricity shortage in their community, specifically affecting vital activities and services provided by Word of Hope Church.

Word of Hope Church is an Assemblies of God church headed up by Rev. Dr. Suan Za Pau. Pastor Pau also oversees Hope Bible College, which trains future ministry leaders, as well as Word of Hope Orphanage, which serves around 50 children, supported through our ChildAid programme.

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In Yangon, where the church is located, the electricity supply is weak and intermittent (that’s if it’s available at all) and the running hours are short. The government announced that the electricity supply would be five hours on and five hours off, but this is far from the reality. Some days they only have electricity for a couple of hours and in particular, on Sunday mornings when they hold their morning worship service, they never have electricity. Currently they run a small generator for lighting which they occasionally also use for the sound system.

The church and WorldShare have so far raised more than half the total cost, but we still need to raise £4,000 to be able to fully fund a 60kVA diesel generator.

Please prayerfully consider if you could donate today and help bring power to the church.

By providing funding towards a 60kVA diesel generator (as pictured), you will be helping to ensure that the church has an uninterrupted supply of electricity for its activities, including Sunday worship services, youth services, choir practice and the running of its office facilities. This will enable the church to consistently power the lighting, sound system, musical instruments and air conditioning. Hope Bible College is located on the same site as Word of Hope Church and so will also benefit from this new generator.

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