This appeal has now finished. Thank you for your generous support and faithful prayers.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity in response to our appeal which was launched in February after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. As a result of your generous support we have already been able to send a total of £30,000 in grants to help our partners with their initial relief efforts.

Your giving has already helped to provide:
Tents, containers & other shelters; Beds, bedding, sleeping bags & blankets; Basic food supplies; Over 320,000 loaves of bread; Over 700,000 litres of drinking water; Pairs of boots & shoes; Sets of clothes, underwear & pairs of socks; Children’s toys; Baby care sets & nappies; Hygiene kits; Women’s sanitary products; Wheelchairs; Generators; Heaters; Flashlights; Batteries.
(All these items have been provided through our partner in Turkey, First Hope Association)

700+ tents
500+ beds
Portable Toilets
Portable toilets
320,000+ loaves of bread
New Clothes 2
8,000+ sets of clothes
11,000+ children’s toys

Martin Tangstad, ministry leader of Kanal Hayat, says:

"The need is so much greater than we can even imagine. In one night, the earthquake killed 5 times more people than civilian casualties in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And many, many more are left fearful and hopeless in need of the most positive news ever: the Gospel."

Kanal Hayat, along with First Hope Association, Diyarbakir Church and Antakya Church are committed to serving those suffering in Turkey for many months to come but in order to do that THEY NEED YOUR HELP TODAY!

First Hope Association need money to be able to continue to feed, clothe & house those who have been affected by February’s earthquake. They need to install more mobile hygiene units and erect more trauma healing play tents for children (with activities) as well as building a school in the tent cities of the Hatay region.

Kanal Hayat, in partnership with local churches, are helping more than 300 families who now have first-hand experience of the love and care from believers and are now open and curious about the Gospel.

Mobile hygiene point
Mobile hygiene units
Trauma healing 2
Trauma healing play tents for children (with activities)

Will you help our partners now, as they continue to provide relief to the people of Turkey?

Your gift today will help quench both physical and spiritual thirst. Thank you.