WorldShare’s ministry partner, PiFò Haiti, has been working in community with a team of Haitians on the island of La Gonâve since 2011. The island has long struggled with poverty, poor infrastructure and access to basic services such as clean water, electricity and transportation.

PiFò Haiti’s projects consist of tuition assistance for three primary schools, food programmes for vulnerable people in the community, compassion care, teacher training and programmes that encourage local in-country spending.

Today we invite you to prayerfully consider how you can help support these basic but important needs.

Classroom Furniture and Equipment  -  £2,800

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of supporters, two of the three primary schools are undergoing expansion projects. As a result, the new classrooms need basic items like blackboards, desks, benches, tables and chairs and some existing classrooms also need their old and damaged items replacing. Most of the teachers are marking papers on their lap because they have no desk and they hang their purses and bags on a nail in the classroom wall because they have nowhere to keep them secure. They now need funding to:

- Provide blackboards for the new classrooms and replace the old/damaged ones

Repair and replace wooden benches

Build small sturdy tables for pre-school classes

Supply each teacher with a desk that has drawers and a small lock

Provide blackboards
Repair and replace wooden benches

Your support for this project will be a huge blessing to both the children and the teachers, giving them a more comfortable and better equipped learning environment.

Community Garden Storage Shed  -  £3,200

The mountain community of Palma has some of the most fertile land on La Gonâve which makes it an ideal location for the island’s largest market. However, lack of proper irrigation has forced many merchants to make the full-day journey to the mainland to purchase food to sell at the market. The land for a community garden has already been donated and fencing, two water tanks, an electric pump and a generator have been purchased. But before the project can start, they need funding to:

Boy with container to collect water, PiFo Haiti

- Build a storage shed to house the generator and gardening equipment/tools

- Convert the manual water pump to a tap to make it easier to access

Your support will be an amazing blessing to this community by providing better access to water, irrigation for the community garden and the creation of jobs for local people who will grow and sell the produce.

Food Storage Depot and Office  -  £6,500

PiFò Haiti has recently expanded its food programme so that the school staff and over 300 children are provided with a nutritious meal five times a week for the entire school year. The bags of rice, beans, oil and other food items are graciously stored in a small room in Project Manager Emerson’s house which doubles as his office. They now need funding to:

- Build a small storage depot to safely store food for the food programme

- Tear down a small, dilapidated building to create a structurally safe space

- Create a small office space for Emerson, PiFò Haiti’s Project Manager

Build a small storage depot to safely store food for the food programme
Create a small office space for Emerson, PiFò Haiti's Project Manager

Your support will help strengthen the food programme, provide Emerson with a dedicated office and free up bedroom space for the ten people living in his house.

We praise God for our partnership with PiFò Haiti and invite you to prayerfully consider how you can play your part today. PiFò Haiti’s volunteer Director Wendy Thiessen says:

“We are praying that God will use all of us in whatever way he chooses.”


PRAY:     Please pray for Wendy and the team at PiFò Haiti, that God would supply all their needs.

GIVE:     Please prayerfully consider what you could give financially to support PiFò Haiti.
Click the images below to give a gift of £25, £50 or £100, or click the button underneath to enter a different amount. 

A gift of £25 could help provide a desk for a teacher
A gift of £50 could help build the garden storage shed
A gift of £100 could help create an office for Emerson

SHARE:     On Wednesday 20th July we hosted a free Zoom update with Wendy, volunteer Director of PiFò Haiti. Click here to watch the recording. Why not share it with a friend or your church small group too?