Although children have been largely spared the direct health effects of Covid-19, the impact of the pandemic on the poverty, health, learning, safety and survival of children is potentially catastrophic.

  • More than 40 million children could fall into extreme poverty as a result of the crisis, adding to the estimated 386 million children already in extreme poverty in 2019.
  • During school closures, many countries implemented online learning. However, almost one third of the world’s young people were already digitally excluded before the crisis.
  • Rising malnutrition is expected as 368 million children across 143 countries who normally rely on school meals for a reliable source of daily nutrition must now look to other sources.

  • Risks to child safety have increased during lockdown, with more children witnessing or suffering domestic violence and abuse.

  • Children in areas of conflict, as well as those living in unsanitary and crowded conditions are also at considerable risk.

Source: United Nations Policy Brief: The Impact of Covid-19 on Children

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Thankfully, WorldShare’s ministry partners are already serving the most vulnerable children and families in their communities. Thanks to your generous and faithful support, they have been able to respond quickly to local needs, adapt their programmes and distribute food packages to those suffering from hunger and starvation. You can make a difference today by making a one-off gift or committing to a monthly donation.

As some of you may know, a vital way that WorldShare is helping transform the lives of poor and vulnerable children around the world is through our child sponsorship scheme, ChildAid. Pulak is a sponsored child in India, supported through our ministry partner JKPS. Read his story to find out how being sponsored has changed his life…

Pulak and his mum smiling Pulak's story

Pulak lives with his mother, Kakoli, in South Kolkata. His father worked as a cab driver but was addicted to alcohol and spent all his money on gambling and drinking. He sadly died. Even whilst he was still alive, Kakoli had to take up a job to support the family. Using the little money she earned working as a housemaid, she managed to enrol Pulak in the local government school.

Around that time, Kakoli heard about JKPS' ChildAid programme from one of her neighbours. After she approached the staff and told them her story, Pulak joined the programme in 2015. Since then his life has been transformed…

Pulak’s monthly school fees are paid for, he has access to the programme’s needs-based medical support, and he attends the free ChildAid tuition centre every evening. There, he is improving in his academic studies as well as learning inspiring stories of great heroes from the Bible which are helping to build his character. Not only that, he also receives regular school supplies including textbooks, stationery, a school bag and school uniform. All of these things have reduced Kakoli’s burden, helping her to save money for any future emergencies.

ChildAid is a huge blessing for both Pulak and Kakoli as they continue to endure hardships every day. When asked about his plans for the future, Pulak says: “I want to become a police officer. But more importantly, I want to grow up and earn a good income so that I can look after my mother.”


All of our ministry partners need financial support to provide for poor and vulnerable children in their communities. And in each of the countries where we operate our child sponsorship scheme (ChildAid), there are children like Pulak who desperately need a sponsor.

“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3)


Your donation, whatever the amount, will help save lives, empower families and bring smiles to children’s faces. Click on the icons below to donate specifc amounts:


By sponsoring a child at a cost of £20 per month, you will bring the hope of the Gospel, practical help and education to a vulnerable and needy child.

Already a ChildAid sponsor?

Thank you! In this season, where children are suffering the most, your child sponsorship is more important than ever.

As soon as it is safe and reasonable to do so, we will be getting child letters from our ministry partners again, which we will send onto you. We praise God that throughout the pandemic God has been faithful, and we have had no reports of any illness or emergencies from children in our sponsorship programme.

If you would like to increase your sponsorship or sponsor an additional child, please contact the office.


Your prayers for WorldShare’s ministry partners and the children they serve will help protect and provide for them, giving them hope and a future.


By sharing this appeal with others, you give more people the opportunity to play a part in spreading the Gospel and showing God’s love.

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