We wanted to let you know about a specific need that has arisen in India within our ministry partner, JKPS, following Cyclone Amphan last month.

The cyclone struck eastern India and Bangladesh in May with 130-140 km/h winds. The storm inundated many low-lying areas. The high tidal surge caused embankment collapse. High winds and flooding uprooted trees and caused extensive structural and agricultural devastation.

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The city of Kolkata in West Bengal, where JKPS is based, was badly hit by the cyclone. Finney Thomas, Chief Executive of JKPS, informed us that his house was flooded and that the top floor of the Premanand building was blown off. Thankfully the boys had been sent home earlier. JKPS staff were among the first responders in their communities and are working with the local church to meet needs. They helped people evacuate their homes, taking them to local shelters. Many of their church families took refuge in the churches as the buildings are comparatively stronger than people’s homes. At the shelters it is difficult to maintain physical distance but JKPS staff must follow Covid-19 protocols and guidance throughout their relief efforts.

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Many families have lost their animals, limited food supply and household items and will face longer-term challenges as a result.

Could you help us to respond to people in need in India impacted by Cyclone Amphan?

Your gift will help provide emergency relief such as water, food, blankets, medical care, personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies for rebuilding. Your gift, of any amount, and your prayers, will be a great blessing to those affected in the region.