Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and life for many is full of difficulties.

The average monthly salary in Moldova is only £185 and few opportunities exist within the country, leading to mass migration. Many children are left behind, without parental care or proper education. Those still living with parents often experience domestic abuse and neglect.

The younger generation is desperate to get out of the country; 90% of young people want to leave Moldova in pursuit of a better life.

This desperation to migrate from the country leaves young people vulnerable to the false promises of recruiters and naive to the dangers of human trafficking.

Promises of a better life and a prosperous future lead young Moldovans to leave of their own free will, under a misconception of the work they will might be drawn into.

  • 3.5 million

    population of Moldova
  • 170,000

    children in Moldova without parental care
  • 300,000

    victims of human trafficking

Preventing Sexual Exploitation

WorldShare’s partner, Beginning of Life, has been working in Moldova for over a decade to provide preventative education to young people as well as care and support for victims.

Beginning of Life’s work aims to develop the young people of Moldova through building life skills and providing spiritual and healthy moral education something lacking in most Moldovan families and schools. The goal is for young people to develop self-worth in an endeavor to prevent them falling into the trap of human trafficking.

This ministry also cares for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation; helping to restore them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Girl painting

Irina’s Story

Irina was told she would have to work for a long time to earn back the cost he paid for her. He was a trafficker and she was a new ‘product’ for him to claim and sell.

Read Irina’s story