“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”
(Matthew 2:26)

All around the world we are experiencing the impact of Covid-19. Whether we are struggling with the practicalities of being in lockdown, missing family and friends, worrying about work or grieving the loss of loved ones, this unprecedented situation is not just local, it is global.

For the poorest and most vulnerable in society, there is an even greater danger. For children whose parents rely on a daily wage, no work equals no food. While the restrictions that the virus has imposed on our food shopping routines may be challenging each of us in different ways, there are families all around the world who may not eat today or tomorrow.

WorldShare partners with indigenous Christians in some of the poorest communities around the world. Our ministry partners, like us, are adapting their approaches in the light of Covid-19, reaching out to their communities in the best way they can, within the restrictions imposed in their respective countries. Our partners are right there both in the crisis and for years to come afterwards, faithfully serving their communities. And right now, they need your support, both financially and in prayer.

PH Tortillas

Potter’s House

Potter’s House in Guatemala decided to put their faith into action and show Christ’s love to those in need. Their team in Chiquimula have distributed bags of staple foods and groceries to families living in extreme poverty in the area. On one of those visits, they met the Lopez family. Manuel & Noelia live in a small and humble home with their daughter Kimberly and Manuel’s brother, Santos. Manuel and Santos work in agriculture, picking crops on a daily basis, so when they have no work, they earn nothing. Noelia and Kimberly make tortillas to sell, but no one in the family has been able to make any money during the crisis.

When the team from Potter’s House went to visit their home and pray for them, they noticed five tortillas heating on the stove. To break the ice they joked, “We came just in time for lunch!”. Without missing a beat, Manuel answered,

Yes, come in! We are heating up our tortillas. This is all we have to eat, and we were just praying for God to provide.

Wow! What generosity Manuel showed despite having so little. The team delivered the bag of groceries, prayed for this precious family and walked away reminded of God’s promises.


JKPS in India have, through a partner organisation, come alongside their community in Kolkata. They have been distributing cooked food to destitute children and elderly people as well as providing dry ration kits (rice, potatoes and pulses) to many needy families in Kolkata. In addition, they have supported doctors, nurses and paramedics through the provision and distribution of surgical masks to 16 hospitals in the area.

JKPS Old lady receiving food website


Albania Girl with food box website

Medical Ambassadors Foundation in Albania have obtained permission to go into villages and distribute essential supplies to families (i.e. dish soap, hand soap, rice, oil, sugar, corn starch, pasta, salt, etc.). They want to be able to provide one box of supplies per family per month for 83 families for at least the next two months. Currently the villagers are not allowed to prepare their fields for planting. This is very concerning as many families survive on what they are able to grow.


HEAL Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo has barely had time to celebrate the reduction in Ebola cases and an effective vaccine before being confronted with Covid-19. The hospital in Goma is maintaining its activities, albeit with inadequate facilities to deal with an influx of coronavirus patients over the coming weeks. They treat and live among the world’s most vulnerable, so every effort is being concentrated on prevention. HEAL Africa staff have mobilised local women to sew as many masks as financially possible for staff, patients and guests.

HEAL Mask website


FEAL Distributing boxes website

Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL) is concentrating on the distribution of food and other hygiene items. The latest round of distribution has been to around 80 Syrian families who are refugees living in Lebanon. FEAL staff wear masks and gloves and practice safe distancing when going out. They are also seeing and visiting many Lebanese families in need and will continue to respond with practical help wherever they can.


ChildAid is WorldShare’s child sponsorship scheme, which continues to provide vital support for some of the poorest and most vulnerable children around the world throughout the coronavirus crisis. We still have children who desperately need a sponsor, particularly in Myanmar and Albania. We also anticipate that as the world comes out of lockdown, there will be an increase in the number of children needing sponsors.

ChildAid Sar Lar Dee website


WorldShare has already sent funds to various ministries for healthcare provisions and food but we need your help to be able to do more.


By donating today, you will help give hope to needy children and families impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our ministry partners will need help over a sustained period. If you don’t already give by direct debit, please would you prayerfully consider setting up a monthly gift to WorldShare.


Please pray for our ministry partners as they adjust their responses in the current crisis.


We need new supporters to help provide the prayer and financial support needed, now and into the future. Please share these stories with your friends, family and church community safely.