“…and He sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” (Luke 9:2)

Moise - HEAL Africa

Moise is a 3 year old boy who lives with his single mother Chloe in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This time last year, whilst his mother was out looking for food, a wall of volcanic rocks fell on him, trapping and severely injuring him. When Chloe returned to find her son with bones sticking out of his leg and foot in several places, she rushed him to the local emergency clinic, only to find that before they would see him she would have to pay an upfront cost which she couldn’t afford. The same thing happened in the next hospital, and after a week, Moise’s wounds had deteriorated rapidly and were starting to smell. Finally, on the suggestion of a nurse, they tried the HEAL Africa hospital. Worried that they would get turned away again, Chloe was shocked to hear that not only would her son’s treatment be paid for by the hospital’s Mercy Fund, but also that they had specialists in orthopedic surgery!

So, after a complicated operation to repair his leg and foot, Moise is now almost fully recovered. Chloe said: “I thank God very much for all those who help people like us living in extreme poverty. I was not able to pay for my son’s health care, but we were admitted into the hospital on January 11th and were released free of charge on February 8th! May God bless you all.”

The Democratic Republic of Congo was once known for its quality health care system, but the political and economic collapse over the last few decades has led to limited or no access to health care for about 70% of the population. Today there is less than one physician for every 10,000 people and less than one surgeon for every million people. Since the Congolese civil war began in 1996, over 6 million lives have been lost to war, disease, and malnutrition, almost half of which are children under 5.


HEAL Africa began as a small teaching hospital, but has now grown into one of only three referral hospitals in all of the Democratic Republic of Congo. More recently, the organisation has evolved beyond the hospital to encompass a more holistic approach, with 80% of their current work being community development programmes focused on health, education and spiritual welfare. Two of their inspiring initiatives are the Mercy Fund and Chaplaincy.

Mercy Fund

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Every day the HEAL Africa hospital receives poor and displaced people who have come to seek medical assistance but are unable to afford treatment. As an organisation with a mission to compassionately serve vulnerable people and communities, HEAL Africa cannot turn them away. The Mercy Fund was created to cover medical and associated expenses for the most needy patients presenting at the hospital. Both Moise and Ketya’s stories give us an insight into what a big impact this initiative is making.

Abigael gave birth to triplet girls in August 2019 at the Provincial Hospital of North-Kivu, Goma. Immediately, doctors noticed that one of the babies, Ketya, pictured in the centre, had hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid in the ventricles of the brain) and needed urgent attention. She was referred to the HEAL Africa hospital for better care and specialised surgery. However, her mother Abigael was unemployed, as was her father who had lost his job three years earlier. Abigael knew that they would not be able to afford the treatment costs, so when she was told she wouldn’t have to pay a penny, she cried tears of joy! The Mercy Fund covered the cost of the surgery, and soon she was discharged with three healthy babies. She said: “Only God can reward those at HEAL Africa & their partners WorldShare for the noble work they are doing with the penniless in the DR Congo.”

Ketya copy

The average treatment cost covered by the Mercy Fund is £125

By donating today, you could help pay for the treatment of a child like Moise or Ketya.
Any amount will be greatly appreciated.


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Patients at the HEAL Africa hospital represent some of the most vulnerable people in a region devastated by ongoing conflict and poverty. Illness and injury often comes with psychological trauma from violence, abuse or neglect. As part of their holistic approach to health care, HEAL Africa trains male and female chaplains to provide additional support and spiritual care in hospitals, prisons, schools, churches and rural communities across the region, bringing healing & restoration to the broken hearts & traumatised minds of some of the world’s most needy people. More recently, chaplains have played a key part in helping those affected by the Ebola Crisis to understand the role of the international community in providing vaccinations and disease prevention education. The chaplaincy training programme consists of two months of intensive classroom instruction, supervised practical sessions and further follow up over the following months. And in order to train more chaplains, HEAL Africa needs more funds. Here is just one of many amazing patient testimonies:

Before I came to HEAL Africa I was traumatised by what I had been through. In my village I had seen and was forced to take part in absolute atrocities. Because of this I no longer saw value in human life. I thank God for all the spiritual, psychological & health care that I am receiving from the chaplains. Their support is helping me to grow in strength and recover that value of life. When I arrived I thought that my problem was a physical disease, but we have now discovered that it is potentially linked to the terrible circumstances I have suffered.

(Didier, a patient receiving treatment for psychological trauma)

HEAL Africa chaplains after completing their training (pictured below)

Chaplaincy Staff

The cost of training a chaplain is £1,500

By donating today, you could contribute to the training of a chaplain, and bring spiritual healing to vulnerable people.
Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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