Wasn’t it great to hear from Jenny Hunt in our last blog post?! We hope you are enjoying seeing ‘behind the scenes’ at WorldShare. This week, we hear from our longest serving staff member, Clare Hill. She is WorldShare’s Administration & ChildAid Officer and has been working here for an incredible 28 years! Over to you Clare…

Can you sum up your role at WorldShare in less than 100 words?

Hello! Well, my role is a game of two halves! As Administration Officer, I open the post and deal with processing the donations and responding to donors. I’m probably the person you speak to when you call the office. I support Jenny (our Finance Manager) in processing monthly direct debits and paying invoices. I keep the levels of office supplies topped up. My main area of responsibility is maintaining the database.

As ChildAid Officer, I correspond with our ministry partners and receive letters and information about children that need support. I keep ChildAid sponsors up to date with their sponsored child, dealing with queries and correspondence between the two.

What motivates you to do this job?

Mark 16:15: “And Jesus said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation.’”

From an early age, I knew I wanted to work in mission but not necessarily go to be a missionary. It wasn’t too long before I came across WorldShare (Christian Nationals back then). I was, and still am, motivated by the concept of supporting work on the ground. Not sending missionaries to places they don’t know, where they have to be trained in local language and customs, which can be expensive. WorldShare was a front runner in supporting organisations that were working within their own communities - local people fulfilling their God given vision. And we still do that today. We come alongside and support those local people and help them fulfil that vision.

What does a typical day working for WorldShare look like for you?

A typical day for me is to first respond to emails that have come in overnight from supporters and ministry partners. Then, onto the post – recording and processing the donations that come in, sending out receipts and dealing with queries. During this Covid-19 season, as a staff team, we have been meeting on a video call each morning to pray, since most of the staff are still working remotely.

If you ring the office, it’s more than likely it is me you will get to speak to – I enjoy catching up with supporters on the phone, especially during these uncertain times.

If I have received letters from sponsored children, I give them a read and then send them out to sponsors.

When it comes to mailing out our appeals and magazines, all day can be taken up printing and stuffing and franking envelopes to send to you.

I normally spend some time during the day updating spreadsheets of income that has come in so that it can be correctly allocated, and Jenny can send it on to our ministry partners.

What has been your biggest highlight of the year at work so far?

Well, it has been said this has been a very unusual year for us all! I guess the highlight is… you! Our supporters, who have faithfully supported us with financial gifts and prayers. Thank you, you have really kept us upheld.

A personal highlight also has been the number of new sponsors for ChildAid we have onboard this year. Thank you again.

Have you ever visited one of WorldShare’s ministry partners?

In all my years at WorldShare, I have only visited one ministry partner, but I have met many ministry leaders and colleagues from our affiliate’s offices.

My one ministry visit was to Beginning of Life in Moldova. Jenny and I visited a few years ago.

The visit had a big impact on me. I loved to see how the team there was working with the local young people, using crafts to engage with them.

BOL Jenny and Clare

The thing that has stayed with me to this day is the work they do with single mothers. We visited two homes in the same old Russian-style block of flats. No bathrooms in these “flats”, just a shared kitchen and bathroom per floor. These ladies were living in terrible situations but were so welcoming to us. We left them some provisions and supplies for their babies. I have been encouraged since by seeing both these ladies and their children involved in various activities and attending the Early Learning Centre, which was in the process of being started whilst we were there.

When you’re not working, what are you doing?

I’m married to Iain, who used to work for WorldShare, and have two grown-up children. One is off at university and one studying at home.

I like to be busy. If I’m not with my daughter out and about, I’m home doing crafts. I have a Baby Knits Etsy store and enjoy making some lovely knitted clothes for little ones.

I also help my local church with their website. During this time, that means uploading videos for the members to meet together online.

I do enjoy doing DIY and working in the garden… although it has got a little on top of me this year!